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Facade Structure

Double and multi curved | Single layer structure | Truss system | Ceramic cladding | 10.000 unique shaped IGU panels glazing | Massive shading system with wire rope and casted aluminium in fluid shape

Size: 10.732 sqm.

Structural design and modelling on the facade are detailed work by engineers & designers of high calibre who own the engineering of development of organic structures. The forces are applied at the structural modelling stage to obtain the elements’ dimensions.

At the Al Mansour Gate in Lusail city, State of Qatar, the architect designed the façade as double curved and multi-curved as its base. HEXANOM made a special design to meet the architectural idea and bring the facade and the huge wire rope mashrabiya shading structure, with a total HEXANOM structure build area of 10.732 sqm. , consisted of 10.207 unique members, 5.358 unique nodes and 4.852 unique panels.

Followed by the wing walls made of a truss system and double curvature ceramic cladding, all synthesize the end result of HEXANOM advanced engineering capability to build such structures, it’s one with a story on its own.

Today, architects worldwide are re-approaching the use of free-form shapes. Fluid Structures are inspired by nature. This trend stems from a desire to give the world more structures inspired by natural shapes and have less to do with functional forms.
These structures would not have come true if architects had not dared to think beyond linear shapes.
Aesthetic needs are easily met using state-of-the-art HEXANOM engineering design applications.