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Roof-Ceiling Structure

Two mega steel structures | Span of 200 x 30m. each | Double-curved | Single layer | Triangulated ceramic roof & ceiling tiles | Concealed, removable mechanism | Quick access to MEP services | Speed of work, cost-efficiencies

Size: 9.549 sqm.

The unique cladding system by HEXANOM allows architects to create visually stunning exterior façades.

The possibilities for design are endless in a vast range of materials applications.

From sophisticated, contemporary, and traditional designs to any type of material, HEXANOM system brings fluid structures to reality.

Built for an evergreen future, the HEXANOM 9.549 sqm. double-curved single-layer ceramic roof- ceiling acts as a concealed, removable mechanism that provides quick access to MEP services to all members. The roof and the ceiling above the cocoon structures are double-curved to match the building’s architecture. A single-layer structure, made of 14.532 unique members, 5.012 unique nodes and 9.394 unique panels was used to carry the roof synthetic ceramic tiles and the same bellow at the ceiling. The ceiling differs from the roof as all the triangulated ceramic panels can be mechanically removed to access the electromechanical repairs.

During the construction process of a sustainable building, future maintenance performance should be considered in a way that serves both the specialized crews that will perform the required work and the daily life of the citizens during the repair period.

With HEXANOM, you can achieve excellent aesthetic results and access to maintenance that accelerates the speed of work and cost-efficiency. This is how a beautiful, sustainable building should be for now and tomorrow.