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Elliptic Facade

Double curvature skin | Single layer structure | Convex and concave surface | Spheres and circular hollow sections design | Glass units | Members and units unique in dimension and shape | Perfect match on erection | Perforated aluminium sheets shading | Decorative box-shaped aluminium members

Size: 3.436 sqm.

The architectural expression can now be open to curves, waves, spheres, domes, pyramids, or free forms.

HEXANOM space frame structures are lattice-like structures that are both rigid and lightweight.

This remarkable elliptic façade is a 3.436 sqm. HEXANOM structure with a double curvature convex & concave surface in the Eye of Qatar in Doha, State of Qatar.

The structure is made up of spheres and round hollow pipes. Spheres and circular hollow components are designed and fabricated in a single layer with 5.415 unique members, 1.828 nodes 3.100 unique panels. It is an elliptical, double-curvature innovative ‘skin’ with glass units, a shading system made of perforated aluminium sheets, and eye-catching box-shaped metal parts. Each individual member and unit has a distinct size and shape. They matched precisely during erection and were processed directly from the design model.

HEXANOM creates designs and free form structures out of nested posts in a geometric pattern, which can be constructed in any configuration.

Today, architects worldwide are re-approaching the use of free-form shapes. Fluid Structures are inspired by nature. This trend stems from a desire to give the world more structures inspired by natural shapes and have less to do with functional forms.
These structures would not have come true if architects had not dared to think beyond linear shapes.
Aesthetic needs are easily met using state-of-the-art HEXANOM engineering design applications.