is the only limitation

Imagination is the only Limitation

HEXANOM is a Steel Structure system with mechanical fixation (bolted) that can be used in Skylights, Facades, Canopies, Atriums and many more constructions. The system can accommodate any kind of material that is specified at the project, like glass, composite panels, ceramic tiles, ETFE, etc. The realization of a project with HEXANOM System is extremely faster and precise than the classic welded method, hence more cost & time efficient.

70.000sqm of Fluid Structures delivered

With more than 70.000sqm of Fluid Structures delivered at the State of Qatar and references around the world, HEXANOM makes possible any design an architect visions.

We strongly believe that architectural expressions pave new ways in contemporary world; we are also convinced that HEXANOM system can give structural designs free forms that were previously impossible. For us, imagination is the only limitation.

Organic, fluid shapes and contours are the signatures of any building that is a masterpiece worldwide. A seamless way of providing organic, fluid structures now serves any structure that has a modern character. Meet HEXANOM System.