is the only limitation

Glass Tent

Single layer triangular structure | Microscopic fritting glass in dense dots | Optimal comfort | Performance of shading efficiency and U-value | Fluidity with glazing

Size: 375 sqm.

Most of the time, when we imagine a tent, it automatically comes to mind the most commonly used material to create one; the fabric. Yet, in amazing Marina Twin Towers, Lusail city, State of Qatar, HEXANOM developed an extraordinary single-layer structure tent, measuring 375 sqm. Glass tent consists of a triangular structure made of 730 unique members, 606 unique nodes and 448 unique panels that ensure intricate detailing and shading efficiency. Plus, the organic patterns of the glass of the tent add another layer of beauty to this impressive structure.

The form of the roof emulates the fluidity and organic nature of the waves and acts as a centerpiece between the two towers.

Microscopic fritting glass is installed in HEXANOM System to provide optimal comfort throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. It can also gives the exterior a distinctive look with patterns ranging from simple shapes and gradients to intricate designs, reaching a high-end engineering result in fluidity with glazing, while meeting the project’s budget.

Combined with efficient shading, provides the structure with a modern & visually appealing interior and exterior.

The free-form glass tent design reflects the seamless way of providing organic, fluid structures with modern character. With HEXANOM, fluidity can now go organic. The architect’s imagination is the only limitation.

Today, architects worldwide are re-approaching the use of free-form shapes. Fluid Structures are inspired by nature. This trend stems from a desire to give the world more structures inspired by natural shapes and have less to do with functional forms.
These structures would not have come true if architects had not dared to think beyond linear shapes.
Aesthetic needs are easily met using state-of-the-art HEXANOM engineering design applications.