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Oval Business Center

Oval sphere | Single layer triangular structure | Arch-ion titanium coated stainless steel sheets cladding | Point fixed glazing | IGU panel façade | Thousands unique parts in envelope creation | Supported only by four seamless pillars

Size: 1.809 sqm.

VIP SPHERE is a three-storey, high-end oval business center considered as landmark in Lusail City, State of Qatar.

HEXANOM designed the awesome structure and the single-layer triangulated structure due to the need for complete control of the thousands of unique parts needed to create the envelope.

A HEXANOM oval sphere structure of 1.809 sqm is supported only by four seamless pillars between the Marina Twin Towers and the void from the ground floor to level six. The entire structure is cladded in Arch-ion titanium coated stainless steel sheets and carries a point fixed glazing IGU panel facade on the front elevation.

Today, architects worldwide are re-approaching the use of free-form shapes. Fluid Structures are inspired by nature. This trend stems from a desire to give the world more structures inspired by natural shapes and have less to do with functional forms.
These structures would not have come true if architects had not dared to think beyond linear shapes.
Aesthetic needs are easily met using state-of-the-art HEXANOM engineering design applications.