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Material Consulting

Designers are taking increasingly sophisticated material approaches for the buildings we occupy to the products we use. 

ΗΕΧΑΝΟΜ materials specialists guide designers to complex choices. We provide an overview of all criteria and materials from their form, function, durability, budget, and performance.

ΗΕΧΑΝΟΜ has extensive experience in the manufacturing and constructing metals, glass, tensile, stone, wood composites.

All the aspects are taken into consideration. Whether we are working on a new cultural icon for a city or a luxury skyscraper, to create an economically viable solution that guarantees the desired image constructability, durability, comfort, safety, and energy efficiency, as well as future maintenance, repair, and renovation work.

We Are Always Looking For Our Next Organic Challenge!

Structures worldwide are unique when they accurately reflect the architect’s vision to the delight of all buildings ’occupants and visitors. In modern architecture, free forms can be organic, allowing creative construction to reach its peak.
ΗΕΧΑΝΟΜ system can support and deliver any idea that mobilizes our world to contemporary, sustainable buildings, turning them with high engineering into masterpieces.