is the only limitation

Imagination is the only limitation

Location / Lusail Ciy, Qatar

Use / Commercial Building

HEXANOM STRUCTURE : 37,669 sq.m.
Envelope | Dome

An outstanding design is brought to reality. Shell Tower is considered one of the most beautiful projects in the world thanks to HEXANOM technology. The building is not only well-designed and aesthetically beautiful , but also a high end engineering structure that is highly functional.

The shell-inspired building is designed with cutting-edge technology and high end engineering, demonstrating how creativity can cross borders with modern technology. Everything you can think of right now can be shaped into a reality. The design of this magnificent building is sophisticated; just proof that with advanced technology everything is possible.

HEXANOM System, a state-of-the-art technology, comes as an elegant solution for building envelopes that cannot be achieved by other traditional systems.

Without a doubt, these are exciting times for the world of architecture and HEXANOM is excited to deliver iconic structures of this innovation.

Today, architects worldwide are re-approaching the use of free-form shapes. Fluid Structures are inspired by nature. This trend stems from a desire to give the world more structures inspired by natural shapes and have less to do with functional forms.
These structures would not have come true if architects had not dared to think beyond linear shapes.
Aesthetic needs are easily met using state-of-the-art HEXANOM engineering design applications.